Here at Granbury locksmith, we take pride in helping industries, factory, and productions settings in need of industrial locksmith service provide quick and professional locksmith services to help protect their industrial properties. Also we offer services that meet the requirements of facilities like Long-term care facilities, industry facilities, large business settings and hospitals.

Our locksmith technicians understands precisely what your needs are and we are always there for you 24hours whenever you need us. Our industrial locksmiths have provided fast and expert service to various industries, assisting them with master key system, providing products such as door hardware and replacement of doors, installing security equipment such as alarm doors, fire extinguishers to safeguard the industrial premises and also help solving different varities of security problems. We have years of extensive experience in dealing with access control issues, Card readers, video surveillance, Delayed egress units, and other numerous specialized fields.

Below is a list of our basic locksmith service for your industry:

Lock Installations: Our Granbury Locksmiths are trained and equipped to install lock on existing doors and properly prepare a door for installation and deploy the lock.

Master key System/Rekey: You desire one key access to all your doors. We are able to provide “master key” that is able to access any locks. Our experts are also able to disassemble your lock and “rekey” them to new ones entirely available for both existing and new keys.

Lockout: Our locksmiths are well seasoned in defeating locks in any shape or form. Whether you are locked out of an office or a safe, our locksmiths can get you back in!

Custom Surveillance Systems: We install high-definitions surveillance camera system that makes you keep an eye on what’s going on both inside and outside your industry. And also install Wi-Fi-connected ones that lets you spy from anywhere.

Door repair & replacement: Not all doors needs replacement. We save our customer`s money by helping them to repair old doors, replace their worn out parts and have their locks functioning properly again. We are the solution to your door repair and replacement.

Key duplication: Be sure to have your keys duplicated in case of loss of the vintage ones. Our locksmiths are trained and equipped in every service that has to do with handling duplication of keys.

Varieties of lock hardware for your industrial need are been carried by our locksmith technicians such as Door closers; interior locks, , Storage safes in various shapes and style, Fire & Emergency key boxes, Lock boxes for fire department use, High-tech lockout padlocks, Furniture locks, keyless entry and lots more.

At Granbury Locksmith, we’re always ready to work with you. Allow us to assist you design your Industrial Security System. Contact us today to find out more about our services.